"fun images of my two spunky, Svart Hona chickens

and their goofy personalities with hopes of uplifting

and inspiring a smile"... Svart chick 

Girls, if he only wants to see your breasts, legs, and thighs... send him to KFC.
— Colonel Sanders

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scratching the surface


It all started with the click of a shutter…

these two funny, spunky and at times feisty Svart Honas posed and turned on the charm becoming instant models from that first moment in front of the camera. playfully interacting and reacting off each other. Naturals from the start they made eggcellent models using their fowl talents and unique good looks to create fun, light hearted images to bring a grin or smile to everyones face...



Ashton and emmie are homegrown in michigan, the mitten state. they moved north in the fall of 2017 to officially become "snow Birds" and loved thier first winter watching the snow flakes swirl from inside their warm cozy coop..

they worked thier tail feathers off during the winter months creating fowltography images for their svart gallery. Ashton and emmie love a day trip to the photo studio, dressing up, modeling, creating fun images that bring the svart chicks ideas to life.

*this image is Emmies first attempt at being a foot model..  


Collection of Work


Photography & artwork created by

Dorothy Roberts-Johnston
Portrait Photographer and owner of Johnston Photography... Images can not be copied without written consent or permission..doing so is illegal and down right un-cool.

if you have any questions or interest in image usage we'd love to hear from you...